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Julia Dhar

Fellow, Science-based Approach to Human-centric Change



  • MPP, Harvard Kennedy School
  • BA, Economic and Social Sciences, University of Sydney


Julia Dhar

Fellow, Science-based Approach to Human-centric Change

Julia Dhar is a Fellow based in BCG’s Boston office and a Managing Director & Partner. Julia was named a Fellow in 2022 and has focused her research on a Science-based Approach to Human-centric Change.

Her research explores elements for a “human-centric” approach to change, grounded in behavioral, cognitive and social sciences and questions such as:

  • How can the neglected levers of behavioral change produce sustainable and predictable organizational change?
  • What can leaders learn from paying attention to negative emotions at work?

Julia is co-author of The Decision Maker’s Playbook: 12 Tactics for Thinking Clearly, Navigating Uncertainty, and Making Smarter Choices published by Financial Times Publishing. Her TED talks on productive disagreement and constructive negotiation. Her work has also been published in leading publications including Harvard Business Review and the World Economic Forum.

Recent Work

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BCG.COM | August 8, 2022

Why Airlines Need to Nudge Behavior, Not Just Hedge Fuel Costs

Saving fuel is everybody's business, from dispatchers and pilots to cabin crews and passengers.

BCG.COM | July 25, 2022

Beyond “Agree to Disagree”: Why Leaders Need to Foster a Culture of Productive Disagreement and Debate

Senior leaders must hear the full, unvarnished truth from employees. Use simple rules of thumb and checklists to gauge and ensure your organization’s openness to productive dissent.

BCG Henderson Institute | June 1, 2022

Familiar Yet Fatal: 10 Common Pathologies of Failed Change Efforts

Our research suggests that change efforts and leaders fall victim to 10 conventional and flawed “change-isms” — mental models, assumptions, and frameworks prevalent in change management.

BCG.COM | May 20, 2022

Nudging Consumers Toward Sustainability

Companies that empower consumers and create a societal surplus can reward shareholders, build sustainability markets, and protect the planet. It’s a win-win-win.

BCG Henderson Institute | January 31, 2022

Will Net-Zero Get Us to Net Zero Emissions?

Net-zero is rapidly becoming the gold standard for corporate action on climate change. But can it get us to net zero emissions for the planet? In a new article, we articulate 15 limitations of net-zero commitments and review how we can build on current momentum while evolving more powerful approaches.

TED | March 1, 2021

How To Have Constructive Conversations

"We need to figure out how we go into conversations not looking for the victory, but the progress,"