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Adam Job

Director, Strategy Lab



  • BSc, University of Frankfurt
  • MPhil, University of Cambridge
  • PhD, University of Göttingen

BHI Affiliation

Adam Job

Director, Strategy Lab

Adam is the Director of the Strategy Lab. His research focuses on corporate strategy and transformation. He is based in BCG’s Frankfurt office.

Outside of work, he likes to play Tennis and the Piano and is interested in Jazz and Consumer Electronics.

Recent Work

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Harvard Business Review | March 15, 2023

Has Your Organization Acted on What It’s Learned in the Pandemic?

As the pandemic marks a third anniversary, business leaders around the world are eager to move on. But few companies have systematically institutionalized what they’ve learned from their Covid-19 experience to build resilience.

BCG Henderson Institute | March 15, 2023

Making Corporate Change Work: Lessons from Superprojects

We attempt to distill the lessons from two truly ambitious projects—NASA’s Apollo program and Pfizer’s Lightspeed project—and show how, to succeed, projects and organizations must resolve the tensions between ingenuity and control.

BCG Henderson Institute | November 29, 2022

Co-Ambidexterity: A Framework for Winning in a New Era of Competition

Breaking the inherent trade-off between search and execution will require new approaches. We describe one such approach, “co-ambidexterity,” which interweaves firms’ and customers’ search and execution processes.

BCG Henderson Institute | September 23, 2022

Aging Gracefully: Avoiding Corporate Decline by Embracing Lessons From Human Biology

Unlike humans, companies have no natural lifespans. Even so, they are subject to an unrelenting process of decline - accumulating excessive bureaucracy and becoming increasingly ineffective at adapting to their environments as they age.