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Theodoros Evgeniou

Professor at INSEAD


  • BS, MEng, PhD, – BS: Computer Science; BS: Math; MEng: Computer Science; PhD: Computer Science (Machine Learning), Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Theodoros Evgeniou

Professor at INSEAD

Professor at INSEAD since 2001, co-founder and CIO of Tremau, hedge fund systematic strategies developer with more than $100 million capital deployed, consultant and advisor, keynote speaker at major industry and C-suite corporate events, working on AI/Machine Learning as well as business innovation and technology driven transformation for the past 25 years. Member of global organisations working on responsible technologies and digital regulations.
Four degrees from MIT. Written academic and business articles in leading journals, such as in Science Magazine, Machine Learning, Nature Digital Medicine, Harvard Business Review magazine, and many others.
Appeared in leading media such as the FT, Bloomberg, Les Échos, and many others.
Director of the INSEAD Executive Education program on “Transforming your Business with AI”.

Recent Work

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Harvard Business Review | May 12, 2023

AI Can Be Both Accurate and Transparent

Organizations should think carefully before integrating unexplainable, “black box” AI tools into their operations, and take steps to help determine whether these models are really worth the risk before moving forward.

Fortune | December 2, 2022

To Get The Most From Your Company’s A.I. Investment, Consider The Uniqueness of A.I.’s Risks and Benefits

AI’s learning capabilities can lead to innovative business opportunities, generate creative insights, and algorithms that are capable of learning from users’ or consumers’ behavior.

Fortune | March 4, 2022

Your Business Needs an A.I. Watchdog—Here’s How to Make Sure It Has Teeth

CEOs should ask A.I. review boards to identify A.I. risks; develop guidelines to prevent their companies from falling victim to them; and constantly monitor the growing risks as the algorithms evolve

World Economic Forum | October 21, 2021

How Online Platforms Must Respond to a New Era of Internet Governance

The coming era of regulated internet governance will require tech companies to adapt and develop new risk-management processes and tools.

Fortune | September 3, 2021

With A.I., Business Leaders Must Prioritize Safety Over Speed

The sooner CEOs come to grips with the value-risk tradeoffs of using A.I.-driven systems, the better they will be able to cope with both regulations and expectations in an A.I.-driven world.

Harvard Business Review | August 17, 2021

AI Regulation Is Coming

As firms embed more and more artificial intelligence in products and processes, attention is shifting to the potential for algorithms to make bad or biased decisions. Inevitably, many governments will feel regulation is essential to protect consumers. In a new article published by Harvard Business Review, we look into how this regulation might take shape and what it means for companies.