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Co-Intelligence with Ethan Mollick

"We gave a large number of workers access to GPT-4, without training. The people who had access to it got work done 26% faster and got 12.5% more work done. […]. To put that in context, when steam power was put into a factory in the early 1800s, it improved performance by 18 to 22%."

In Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI, Ethan Mollick explains how to engage with AI as a co-worker, a co-teacher, and a coach.

Mollick is a professor of management at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studies and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship. In his new book, he discusses the profound impacts AI will have on business and education, using many examples of AI in action. His book challenges us to utilize AI’s enormous power without losing our human identity, to learn from it without being misled, and to harness its gifts to create a better human future.

Together with Martin Reeves, chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, Mollick discusses how to train people to use AI effectively, whether AI will substitute or complement workers, and how businesses can move beyond a short-term efficiency gains perspective to generate value with AI in the long term.

Key topics discussed: 

[02:27] The four rules for living with AI
[09:04] Educating people to use AI effectively
[10:47] What experiments reveal about where AI adds (and destroys) value at work
[12:45] Substituting (vs. complementing) workers with AI
[14:14] Generating value with AI in the long-term
[17:10] Bringing about the social change in organizations alongside the tech change
[20:48] AI regulation
[27:18] How AI will transform education

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