BCG Henderson Institute

We are proud of our diverse BHI alumni community and its contributions to inspiring leaders around the globe.

BHI Alumni Fellows

Our BHI Alumni Fellows have spent years deeply researching their fellowship topics and developing cutting-edge perspectives that enable BCG to prepare its clients to thrive in the future.

Marcos Aguiar

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Systemic Trust

Allison Bailey

Alum Fellow (2012-2015), People and Organization

Christine Barton Egan

Alum Fellow (2015-2017), Future of Consumer Insight

Vikram Bhalla

Alum Fellow (2012-2015), Family Businesses

Arindam Bhattacharya

Alum Fellow (2015-2018), New Globalization

Eric Boudier

Alum Fellow (2014-2016), Business Model Innovation

Vladislav Boutenko

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Future of Cities

Christophe Brognaux

Alum Fellow (2015-2017), Energy Transition

François Candelon

Alum Global Director (2019-2024), BCG Henderson Institute

Luc de Brabandere

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Strategy and Senior Advisor at BCG

Andrew Dyer

Alum Fellow (2018-2020), Learning in the digital Age

Philip Evans

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Digital Strategy

BHI Alumni Ambassadors

Alumni ambassadors embody BCG’s commitment to nurturing emerging thought leaders. Our alumni ambassadors partnered with BHI leaders on research and writing, making significant contributions to their topics.

Alice Ahn

Alum Ambassador (2021-2022), Tech & Biz Lab

Michael Albert

Alum Ambassador (2018-2019). Data Economy

Rajah Augustinraj

Alum Ambassador (2017-2018), New Globalization

Vedant Bahl

Alum Ambassador (2022-2023), Climate & Sustainability

Simon Beck

Alum Ambassador (2021-2022), Sustainable Business Model Innovation

Rachel Bergman

Alum Ambassador (2015-2016), Strategy Lab

Salman Bham

Alum Ambassador (2020-2021), Strategy Lab

Arthur Boulenger

Alum Ambassador (2022-2023), Strategy Lab

Tom Brijs

Alum Ambassador (2021-2022), Future of Energy

Rodolphe Charme di Carlo

Alum Ambassador (2019-2020), Tech & Biz Lab and Strategy Lab

Winson Chen

Alum Ambassador (2022-2023), Tech & Biz Lab

Yuyu Chen

Alum Ambassador (2023), BHI China