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Amanda Wikman

BHI Global Operations Senior Director



  • Emory University Goizueta School of Business
  • Emory University School of Journalism


Amanda Wikman

BHI Global Operations Senior Director

Amanda is BCG Henderson Institute’s Global Operations Senior Director based in BCG’s Atlanta office. Her work is focused on keeping the Institute running including: finance, HR, external collaboration network and partnerships, and marketing.

Prior to BCG, she advised clients on organization and leadership with a focus on company purpose and values at BrightHouse, a BCG acquisition. Outside of work she likes to take long walks and play tennis.

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BCG Henderson Institute | July 27, 2022

David Young ranked as #1 Sustainability Leader 2022 by The Consulting Report

David's research has been primarily focused on industry and value chain transitions to sustainability.

BCG Henderson Institute | September 12, 2018

Evolution of the Digital Economy

Tim O’Reilly, Bill Janeway and Alondra Nelson led a very stimulating discussion with an audience comprising leaders from the corporate and academic worlds, at a breakfast hosted by the BCG Henderson Institute and the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Our guest speakers explored the evolution of technology and its implications for corporate strategy, the economy […]

BCG Henderson Institute | May 18, 2018

Bacteria, Bankers And Bureaucrats

The BCG Henderson Institute and the Institute for New Economic Thinking recently had the pleasure of hosting a seminar on the topic of financial systems as complex adaptive systems and what we can learn from biology about how to regulate them effectively. An assembled audience of CEOs, economists and academics had the privilege of hearing […]