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François Candelon

Global Director, BCG Henderson Institute



  • Engineering degree, École Polytechnique and MINES Paris Tech

BHI Affiliation

François Candelon

Global Director, BCG Henderson Institute

François Candelon is the Global Director of BHI based in BCG’s Paris office and a Managing Director & Senior Partner. He also leads BHI’s Tech & Biz Lab focused on exploring the technology horizon and sharing actionable insights with leaders. 

François’ research is focused on AI and Digital as a source of competitive advantage for businesses, national economies, and current research themes include topics such as AI competitivenessdeep tech, and AI & society.

His work has appeared in publications such as Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Strategy Science, TED. He writes a monthly column on AI in Fortune and he has been a speaker at global conferences like Politico, AI Summit, MWC, TED, Web Summit, Global AI Summit, and Wuzhen Internet Conference. In 2021, he was among the 8 shortlisted for the prestigious Thinkers50 distinguished Digital Award.

Outside of work, Francois enjoys sports, karate, contemporary art, and theater.

Recent Work

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