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Nikolaus Lang

Alum Fellow (2016-2017), Collaboration in a Digital Age



  • Dr. oec., Lic.oec., Organizational Leadership, University of St.Gallen
  • Baccalaureat, Economics. Lycee francais de Vienne, Vienna, Austria


Nikolaus Lang

Alum Fellow (2016-2017), Collaboration in a Digital Age

Nikolaus (Niki) Lang is a Managing Director & Senior Partner based in BCG’s Munich office and global practice area leader of BCG’s Global Advantage practice. Niki was also named a BHI Fellow in 2016, focused on researching collaboration in the digital age and the crucial role that cross-border joint ventures, alliances, and business ecosystems play.

Niki is an author of Beyond Great published by Public Affairs and the founder and director of BCG’s Center for Mobility Innovation, a team of urban mobility experts and digital business builders advising cities, public transportation operators, and mobility and automotive companies around the globe as they create innovative and state-of-the-art mobility solutions.

He is a frequent speaker on these topics speaking at events such as The Economist in addition to C-suite events of Fortune 500 clients. His work has been published in leading publications including The World Economic Forum and Harvard Business Review, among others.

Book(s) co-authored by Nikolaus Lang

Beyond Great

Great is no longer good enough. Beyond Great delivers a powerful new playbook of 9 core strategies to thrive in a post-COVID world where all the rules of the game are being re-written.

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