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Philip Evans

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Digital Strategy



  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Harvard Business School
  • Harkness Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Master’s Degree, Economics, Pembroke College Cambridge


Philip Evans

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Digital Strategy

Philip Evans is a BCG and BHI Senior Advisor and Mentor based in Miami. Philip was the founder of BCG’s media and internet sectors and was named to the first class of BCG Fellows in 2008, to explore technology, strategy, and digital disruption – which are topics he continues to research today.

Philip is an author of the best-selling book Blown to Bits published by Harvard Business Review Press and a frequent speaker on technology and strategy at industry, corporate, and academic conferences. He has given keynote addresses at conferences convened by Bill Gates, Michael Milken, and the World Economic Forum in addition to C-suite events of Fortune 500 clients.

Named as one of the 15 “Lords of Strategy” in Walter Kiechel’s book, The Lords of Strategy, Philip’s work has been published in leading publications including Harvard Business Review and TED, among others. Philip is a member of the British-North American Committee and on the Advisory Board of the Oxford Internet Institute.

Outside work, Philip enjoys opera and the study of history.

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