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Philip Hirschhorn

Alum Fellow (2020-2023), Future of Energy


  • MBA, with distinction, London Business School
  • Bachelor’s degree, petroleum engineering, honors, University of New South Wales


Philip Hirschhorn

Alum Fellow (2020-2023), Future of Energy

Phil Hirschhorn is a Managing Director and Senior Partner based in BCG’s Sydney office. Phil was named a BHI Fellow in 2020, and has focused his research on the Future of Energy Markets.

Over the next three decades, a massive increase in the deployment of variable renewable energy (VRE) will be required to meet our global decarbonisation ambitions.  Phil’s research explores the profound changes to our electricity and broader energy systems, markets and technologies impled by that shift.  His work uncovers the implications for energy markets (Will electricity be free? Not when you really need it?); energy intensive companies (Why your company needs to be an energy trader); and governments.  Much of his work distils the lessons from markets which are at the forefront of adopting VRE, such as Australia, and what other countries can learn from that experience.

Phil speaks regularly on these topics at industry conferences including the Energy Networks Association, Australian Gas and Pipeline Association and the Energy Transition Forum.  He has advised the boards and executives of a number of leading energy companies and regulatory bodies on the energy transition.

Phil maintains two series of articles capturing different aspects of the energy transition: Why your company needs to be an energy trader covering the direct work of the Fellowship and The bionic energy network which covers the digital transformation that energy utilities will need to undertake in parallel.

Outside of work, Phil enjoys travelling with his family and maintains an ageing and slowing presence in his community football team.

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