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Yves Morieux

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Relational Productivity



  • PhD, industrial marketing, University of Strathclyde, UK
  • DEA, decision science and organizational sociology, Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po), France
  • Postgraduate Certificate, research and quantitative skills, University of Glasgow, UK
  • MSc, Center for Education and Research Applied to Management (SKEMA), France
  • Salzburg Seminar, Austria


Yves Morieux

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Relational Productivity

Yves Morieux is a Managing Director and Senior Partner based in BCG’s Dubai office. Yves was named a BHI Fellow in 2008 and created Smart Simplicity and again in 2019 and created Relational Productivity.

His research explores helping organizations evolve their ways of working and best leverage digital tech – towards increased productivity and satisfaction at work.

Yves is a best-selling book author and frequent speaker on solving organizational challenges and workplace effectiveness at places such as TED in addition to C-suite events of Fortune 500 clients. He has also written more than 45 book chapters/forewords, articles in peer-reviewed journals, and business articles published in leading publications, including Harvard Business Review.

Recent Work

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Springer | July 14, 2022

New Ways of Working: The Social Economics of Productivity

By deconstructing the social economics of work into pure complementarity mechanisms – thus eliminating many illusions that accumulated over decades of misleading hard and soft approaches – it becomes possible to reconstruct the future ways of working.

BCG.COM | September 24, 2021

The Social Economics of Work and Productivity

The pandemic unleashed a global experiment in productivity and performance. Just as public health officials have much to learn from the crisis, so too do corporate executives.

BCG.COM | October 27, 2020

How the Lockdown Unlocked Real Work

The experience of work during a time of pandemic has revealed a hidden driver of organizational performance: relational productivity.

BCG.COM | July 14, 2020

A New Approach to the Intractable Problem of Climate Change

To overcome climate inaction, we must understand the rationale for individuals’ behaviors, identify the groups that could change those behaviors, and work with those groups to transform vicious cycles into virtuous ones.

BCG Henderson Institute | June 3, 2020

Urban Mobility Urgently Needs a Unified Coalition

Solving the current mobility paradox goes far beyond transportation system performance, and efficient mobility systems are key for the social and economic development of cities and its residents.

BCG.COM | January 29, 2020

Fighting Hunger and Other Complex Problems with Smart Simplicity

Applying a new approach to chronic child hunger in Tanzania yields powerful lessons for governments and organizations that are tackling other tough challenges.