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Higher Ground with Alison Taylor

"We all seem to have collectively lost sight of what it means to be a good business, in the ethical sense."

In Higher Ground: How Businesses Can Do the Right Thing in a Turbulent World, Alison Taylor explores how companies can navigate the complexity of modern business ethics.

Taylor, a clinical associate professor at NYU Stern, has spent decades advising large multinational companies on risk, corruption, sustainability, and organizational culture. In her new book, she combines her experience with vivid case studies to guide companies toward reaching what she describes as the “higher ground”—a space where companies can act ethically and achieve long-term strategic advantage.

Together with Martin Reeves, Chairman of BCG Henderson Institute, Taylor discusses why good governance is now more important than ever, how leaders can navigate a polarized political landscape, and how businesses can build trust.

Key topics discussed: 

[02:44] The rising importance of internal governance
[06:10] Common traps of internal governance
[07:55] Best practices for deploying purpose
[10:53] Businesses taking political stances
[14:58] Importance of trust and traps in pursuing it
[17:12] Solutions for businesses to pursue
[24:15] How to apply these lessons in your own work

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