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Climate Capitalism with Akshat Rathi

"If I were a CEO […] I would focus on the technologies, products, and innovations that would bring a competitive advantage for my company in a market that will go to zero emissions one way or another."

In Climate Capitalism: Winning the Global Race to Zero Emissions, Akshat Rathi tells the stories of people around the world who are building impactful solutions to tackle climate change.

Rathi is a senior reporter for Bloomberg News, focusing on climate and energy. He also hosts the weekly Zero podcast, in which he talks to the people leading the fight for a zero-emissions future. In his new book, Rathi argues that the best way to cut carbon pollution is by harnessing capitalism. Combating climate change requires a combination of smart policies, financing, technological innovations, and leadership—without killing markets or competition.

Together with Martin Reeves, Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, Rathi discusses the essence of climate capitalism, how to scale up individual success stories, and how to navigate the challenging political context.

Key topics discussed: 

[02:09] Definition of climate capitalism
[07:19] Success stories: Chinese EVs, Orsted
[11:31] The need to combine tech, policies, and finance
[12:52] How to scale case studies to big solutions
[16:24] Navigating a polarized political context
[18:45] Making climate solutions profitable
[24:06] Where CEOs should start

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