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Our BHI team is made up of leading thinkers from a diversity of backgrounds spanning economics, biology, philosophy, technology, engineering and more. Explore our team, their areas of expertise and reach out to connect with us!


Our BHI leadership team is dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and guiding upstream innovation at BCG and managing the BHI team. This group ensures maximum impact, from setting a holistic research agenda and priorities to providing guidance on core research projects.

François Candelon

Global Director, BCG Henderson Institute

Amanda Wikman

BHI Global Operations Senior Director

Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak

BCG Global Chief Economist, Managing Director and Partner

Martin Reeves

Chairman, BCG Henderson Institute

David Young

Global Leader, Center for Climate & Sustainability

Jim Hemerling

Global Leader, BHI People & Organization

Fang Ruan

Global Co-Leader, BHI China

David He

Global Co-Leader, BHI China

Laura Geller

Executive Editor

BHI Fellows

Our most accomplished BCG thought leaders are nominated as BHI Fellows and are supported over a multiyear period to develop and disseminate an innovative idea that they believe will create value for business leaders.

Julia Dhar

Fellow, Science-based Approach to Human-centric Change

Sagar Goel

Fellow, Integrated Skilling Ecosystems

Jens Grueger

Fellow, Global Health Equity

Abhishek Gupta

Fellow, Augmented Collective Intelligence

Debbie Lovich

Fellow, Future of Work

Gabrielle Novacek

Fellow, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

John Pineda

Fellow, Green Premium Pricing

Urs Rahne

Fellow, Winning in the Protocol Economy

Michael Ringel

Fellow, Growth Through Multiplex Innovation

Philip Evans

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Digital Strategy

Philipp Gerbert

Alum Fellow (2015-2018), AI & Strategy

Massimo Russo

Alum Fellow (2018-2020), Data Economy

Roselinde Torres

Alum Fellow (2009-2012), Leadership

External Contributors

BHI collaborates with external experts for specific topic expertise, as well as cross-pollination from a wide range of disciplines. In addition to deep collaborations with select thought leaders, the network includes practitioners, academic scholars, and researchers.

Pierre de Villiers

Former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces

Roeland van Straten

Owner and Director, Seyst Finance & Strategy BV

Pim Valdre

Head of Climate Ambition Initiatives, World Economic Forum

Antonia Gawel

Head, Climate Change; Deputy Head, Centre for Nature & Climate, World Economic Forum

Stuart Madnick

John Norris Maguire Professor of Information Technologies, Emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Founding Director of Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan: the Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.

Keri Pearlson

Executive Director of the Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan

Lisa Simon

Senior Economist at Revelio Labs

Ben Zweig

CEO at Revelio Labs

BHI Ambassadors

Ambassadors are BCG emerging thought leaders selected from the firm’s offices around the world to drive research topics and support BHI research teams, typically on a one year rotational program.

Vedant Bahl

Ambassador, Climate & Sustainability

Arthur Boulenger

Ambassador, Strategy Lab

Winson Chen

Ambassador, Tech & Biz Lab

Emily Dardaman

Ambassador, Augmented Collective Intelligence

Dan Eichelsdoerfer

Ambassador, Future of Energy

Marley Finley

Ambassador, Innovation Without Borders

Mingjin Guo

Ambassador, Business Ecosystems

Sabine Hain

Ambassador, Global Health Equity

BHI Researchers

Our BHI researchers are full-time dedicated to BHI and serve specialist content roles ranging from Economists to Data Scientists

Tom Deegan

Alum Data Scientist, Strategy Lab

Benjamin Chan

Alumni Data Scientist

Christian Ketels

Alumni Global Chief Economist

Harshal Parikh

Alumni Data Scientist

Kevin Whitaker

Alumni Head of Data Analytics

Matthew Vegari

Economist, Center for Macroeconomics

Operations & Marketing

BHI’s operations and marketing team drives the distribution and dissemination of BHI content for maximum impact and supports our research teams in the day to day operations of BHI.

Amanda Wikman

BHI Global Operations Senior Director

Andras Szabadi

Global Marketing Senior Manager

Brigitta Pristyak

Global Operations Senior Coordinator

Tania Lekhraj

BHI Marketing Coordinator

Vaidahi Singhal

Global Operations Senior Specialist

Alexis Garby

Research Operations Specialist

Laura Geller

Executive Editor

Erica Quinones

Executive Assistant and Team Coordinator

Teresa Yee

Executive Assistant and Senior Team Coordinator