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Debbie Lovich

Fellow, Future of Work



  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Harvard Business School
  • Bachelor of Science (BS), Economics, Barnard College


Debbie Lovich

Fellow, Future of Work

Debbie Lovich is a Fellow based in BCG’s Boston office and a Managing Director and Senior Partner. Debbie was named a BHI Fellow in 2022, and has focused her research on the Future of Work – in particular how to make work work for everyone (employers, employees, customers, communities).

Debbie has spent the last 15 years of her 30+ year consulting career on driving leadership and culture changes with her clients who span industries and countries. Since the onset of COVID-19, Debbie has been leading BCG’s thinking on the future of work. She believes organizations must use this unique moment to fundamentally rethink what work is. She led the development and rollout of the BCG’s global predictability, teaming, and open communication (PTO) program, an initiative implemented to improve BCG’’s culture and employee work-life balance. That program has been a core driver of BCG’s top position on numerous best places to work lists. Debbie is also a bi-weekly Forbes contributor as well as contributing to HBR and Fortune.

Outside of work, Debbie enjoys time with her family, exercise and television (at the same time) and hiking with their two dogs.

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