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Frida Polli

CEO & co-founder at pymetrics


  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • PhD, Suffolk University
  • BA, English, Dartmouth College

New York, New York, United States

Frida Polli

CEO & co-founder at pymetrics

First-time CEO passionate about revolutionizing access to economic opportunity through unbiased tech. Avid technophile who believes audited AI can act like CRISPR: retaining all the wisdom of humans while stripping out ineradicable bias. Impatient optimist. Over-committed mother of three (four if you count pymetrics).

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BCG Henderson Institute | January 11, 2019

Your Capabilities Need a Strategy

A one-size-fits-all approach to strategy doesn’t work. Use games and neuroscience theories to assess, develop, and deploy the skills each business environment requires.

BCG Henderson Institute | March 30, 2018

Strategy, Games, and the Mind

Neuroscience and gaming can provide the tools to help leaders understand the different brain mechanisms that underpin strategic skills and to deploy the right talent against specific strategic challenges.