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Matthew Vegari

Economist, Center for Macroeconomics



  • AB Harvard University
  • MSc. London School of Economics

BHI Affiliation
New York

Matthew Vegari

Economist, Center for Macroeconomics

Matthew is an Economist based in BCG’s New York office. His research focuses on macroeconomics and economic history.

Prior to BCG, Matthew conducted economic and policy research for a family office and previously worked in the public sector as a research associate for the City of Philadelphia. Outside of work, he likes to write fiction, go for runs, and is interested in pop culture.

Recent Work

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CME Research Portal | April 11, 2024

In the Consumer Economy, the Pandemic Is Far From Over

Though the pandemic has come and gone, the same cannot be said of the gyrations it has caused in consumer spending patterns.

CME Research Portal | February 26, 2024

An Era of Tightness: Thinking Tactically and Structurally About the Cooling US Labor Market

Tactical fears for the US labor market have dominated economic debate, but this misses the labor market’s structural underpinnings. We are in an era of tightness that was briefly interrupted, not caused, by the pandemic.

CME Research Portal | February 14, 2024

Reversal of Fortunes: Taking Stock of Economic Resilience in the U.S., Eurozone, and China

A clearer picture has emerged of the structural legacies of recent shocks on major economies.

CME Research Portal | January 30, 2024

Why the US Election’s Impact on the Economy Is Overstated

The 2024 election will continue to drive the news cycle before November, occupying an outsized share of economic discourse.

CME Research Portal | January 18, 2024

What’s Priced in for the US in 2024? And How We See It.

As the year gets underway and the pessimism of 2023 ages, we ask what is priced in for 2024 and compare that with our own views.