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Inspiring the Next Game

Listen to BCG Henderson Institute Fellows deep-dive into topics like the data economy and sustainability with senior leaders from the business world and beyond.

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Understanding the Data Economy

Former BHI Fellow Massimo Russo talks to experts about the challenges of data sharing, and how firms can navigate the changing landscape of opportunity.

13 Minutes | March 26, 2021

How Data Sharing Creates Value for Customers with Sherry Sanger

“By getting [telematics] data in house, the ways that we're able to use that data have increased exponentially beyond what we even originally thought... it'll help us shift from, not just being responsive to our customers, but being proactive with our customers.”

16 Minutes | March 26, 2021

How Data Sharing Changes Business Strategy with Michael Cusumano

“Building a reputation of trust and neutrality is really hard. The best way to do it is just to make it clear what business you will be in and what business you will not be in when you start competing with your customers.”

15 Minutes | April 9, 2021

How Data Sharing Creates Societal Value with Erin Simon

In this episode of the Inspiring the Next Game podcast, we hear from Erin Simon, Head of Plastic Waste and Business at WWF, on their efforts to promote data sharing in the plastic packaging industry to jumpstart our journey to a more circular supply chain.

14 Minutes | April 23, 2021

How Data Sharing Builds Innovation with Peter Weckesser

“I really believe in open innovation, where you use the capabilities of crowdsourcing to get access to know-how, capabilities, and also domain expertise that you don’t have in-house.”

12 Minutes | May 7, 2021

How to Build a Data Platform with Lane Arthur

“Many startup companies have good ideas. They don’t have direct lines into customers. By participating in our platform, they have the ability to do that.”

16 Minutes | May 21, 2021

How to Govern Data Sharing with Stefaan Verhulst

“Data is a clear asset: an asset for business, but it could also become an asset for society if we find out the right incentive structure and also the right governance structure.”

16 Minutes | June 4, 2021

The Future of Data Sharing with Sandy Pentland

“You have federated learning…to get insights without moving the data. You’re safer. You have less liability. You have greater auditability… it’s got a lot going for it.”