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Bringing Sustainability to the Fore in Fashion with Art and Annin Peck

"If I'm buying a billion units a year, but 30% of them create no economic value, I could buy just the 66-70% and create the same amount of economic value and eliminate the carbon footprint and all the waste associated with that."

In the newest episode of the Building Competitive Advantage in a Sustainable World podcast, David Young — BCG Henderson Institute Fellow researching Sustainable Business Model Innovation — interviews Art and Annin Peck.

Art is the former CEO of GAP Inc. and Executive Chair and Partner at fashion start-up The Great as well as a Boston Consulting Group alum. Annin leads sustainability at GAP Inc. as the Director of ESG Strategy and Business Integration.

They discuss the evolution of GAP Inc.’s sustainability strategy, how ambitious goals can drive business innovation, the force multiplier effects that data and technology can effect within sustainability efforts, and how consumer-facing companies can help consumers make more informed and sustainable choices.

Interviewed by
  • David Young

    Global Leader, Center for Climate & Sustainability

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