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Sagar Goel

Fellow, Reskilling In the Age of AI



  • MBA, Indian Institute of Management
  • MTech/BTech, Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology


Sagar Goel

Fellow, Reskilling In the Age of AI

Sagar Goel is a Managing Director and Partner and a BHI Fellow based in BCG’s Singapore office. Sagar was named a BHI Fellow in 2022 and has focused his research on Reskilling In the Age of AI.

His research explores how to design and manage ecosystems for outcome-based skilling at speed and scale, codifying the key success factors for how employers, governments, academia, non-profits, and individuals can best work together to solve the global skills crisis.

He has led several large-scale skilling programs for BCG’s clients, including the recent work with the Singapore government on a national-level digital reskilling program. He is an advisor to CHROs, business leaders, and governments globally on building their talent and workforce advantage.

Sagar is a frequent speaker on these topics and his work has also been published in leading publications including Harvard Business Review. An in-depth study on how companies are reskilling their employees in an era of automation and AI, co-authored by Sagar, has won the 2023 HBR Prize.

Outside of work, Sagar enjoys playing tennis and spending time exploring new things about himself and the world through improv.

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Harvard Business Review | July 11, 2024

Designing a Successful Reskilling Program

In this article, written as a follow up to the award-winning “Reskilling in the Age of AI”, the authors report the results of a reskilling survey that they conducted with chief human resource officers from approximately 1,200 organizations in the U.S., along with business leaders from around 200.

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How Governments Can Improve the Global Skills Market

How to bridge a significant skills gap in national workforces? Governments need to play a more strategic role, starting with three key interventions.

Harvard Business Review | August 17, 2023

Reskilling in the Age of AI

Five new paradigms for leaders—and employees. | January 26, 2023

Your Strategy Is Only as Good as Your Skills

The successful companies of the future will not only invest in human capital but also track and report progress with the same attention they devote to other assets.

Videos | August 26, 2022

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In an increasingly competitive labor market, developing the skills of existing talent is critical. In this video, Sagar Goal shares 6 practical recommendations on how to get upskilling right.