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Inside The Article: 6 Strategies To Upskill Your Workforce

In an increasingly competitive labor market, developing the skills of existing talent is critical. In this video, Sagar Goal shares 6 practical recommendations on how to get upskilling right.

Employers increasingly face difficulties in attracting and retaining the pool of talent needed to execute their strategy – especially when it comes to digital roles. In a constrained labor market, up and reskilling existing workers should be a critical avenue to fill talent gaps. And yet a 2020 global BCG study showed that “talent and skills” was the second-most underinvested area in corporate transformation efforts.

Based on our research with hundreds of clients worldwide, we identified 6 practical recommendations on how to get skilling right. In this video, Sagar Goel discusses topics such as the required mindset shift from “cost” to “investment”, new ways of designing skilling programs for increased business impact, and the importance of empowering employees to learn.

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