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Sam Karita

Global Leader, BHI Japan



  • MBA, Kellogg School of Management
  • BA, economics, University of Tokyo


Sam Karita

Global Leader, BHI Japan

Sam Karita is the Global Leader of BHI Japan based in BCG’s Tokyo office and a Managing Director & Senior Partner. Sam was also named a BHI Fellow in 2022, focused on achieving economic growth and wellbeing in aging populations and declining birth rate environment.

BHI Japan researches various topics including latest trends and learnings from Japan to translate them to broader world contexts and also translates BHI global content to local context.

Sam is also a frequent speaker, speaking at events such as Economist Intelligence Corporate Network and Pharma CI Conference in addition to C-suite events of Fortune 500 clients. His work has been published in leading publications including Nikkei and Diamond.

Outside of work, Sam enjoys song writing and singing.

Recent Work

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BHI Japan | November 27, 2023


BCGヘンダーソン研究所 (BHI) が開催した2023年のMeeting of Minds (MoM) では、さまざまな分野の視点から人口高齢化の課題を分析し、個人、社会、企業にとっての新たな解決策を検 討しました。議論結果の概要をご紹介します。

BCG Henderson Institute | November 27, 2023

Toward A Flourishing Aging Society

Key takeaways from the BCG Henderson Institute’s 2023 Meeting of Minds, which dissected the challenges of demographic aging from a multi-disciplinary perspective and examined emerging solutions for individuals, societies, and businesses.

BHI Japan | November 17, 2023

日本企業の特徴と強み、未来に向けた成功要件 - BCG Future Winning Modelシリーズ後編


BHI Japan | November 17, 2023

The Characteristics and Strengths of Japanese Companies and the Necessary Conditions for Future Success — BCG Future Winning Model Series, Part Two

How to evolve the unique characteristics of Japanese companies into strengths and address the requirements for future success.

BHI Japan | October 3, 2023

日本企業の競争力の現状と成功の必要条件 – BCG Future Winning Modelシリーズ前編


BHI Japan | September 29, 2023