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Harnessing Purpose for Sustainability with Ashley Grice

“Purpose is what brings the idea of sustainability and sustainable business together. These are not two separate functions. They are one and the same.”

In our next episode of the Building Competitive Advantage in a Sustainable World podcast, David Young, our BCG Henderson Institute Fellow researching Sustainable Business Model Innovation, interviews BrightHouse CEO Ashley Grice.

Ashley discusses how Purpose helps companies articulate how they differentially and authentically solve a need in the world, bringing the ideas of environmental and societal sustainability and sustainable business together.

Following the proliferation of the concept for corporate Purpose in the last few years, Ashley anticipates Purpose will become even more relevant as societies work to recover from the series of crises that occurred in 2020. Boards, employees, customers, and even regulators will all demand more Purposeful businesses.

While digging deep into Purpose will be uncomfortable initially, companies that harness it will find a powerful lever to help transform their culture, align people, stimulate innovation, accelerate growth, and infuse true meaning into their business for the long-term.

Interviewed by
  • David Young

    Global Leader, Center for Climate & Sustainability

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