BCG Henderson Institute

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Our most accomplished BCG thought leaders are nominated as BHI Fellows and are supported over a multiyear period to develop and disseminate an innovative idea that they believe will create value for business leaders.

Julia Dhar

Fellow, Science-based Approach to Human-centric Change

Sagar Goel

Fellow, Integrated Skilling Ecosystems

Jens Grueger

Fellow, Global Health Equity

Abhishek Gupta

Fellow, Augmented Collective Intelligence

Debbie Lovich

Fellow, Future of Work

Gabrielle Novacek

Fellow, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

John Pineda

Fellow, Green Premium Pricing

Urs Rahne

Fellow, Winning in the Protocol Economy

Michael Ringel

Fellow, Growth Through Multiplex Innovation

Luc de Brabandere

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Strategy and Senior Advisor at BCG

Arindam Bhattacharya

Alum Fellow (2015-2018), New Globalization

Marcos Aguiar

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Systemic Trust

Yves Morieux

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Relational Productivity

Ulrich Pidun

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Business Ecosystems

Philip Evans

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Digital Strategy

Nithya Vaduganathan

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Future of Work

Nikolaus Lang

Alum Fellow (2016-2017), Collaboration in a Digital Age

Karen Lellouche Tordjman

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Bionic Customer Interactions