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BHI Japan researches pathways towards a flourishing future society that balance economics and well-being.

Japan, a country at the forefront of the aging society challenge, can serve as a model case. We conduct analysis and provide valuable insights to the global community, which may face similar issues in the future.

We are also conducting research on issues that will be essential to identifying pathways to flourishing societies, such as advanced technologies and well-being management. By leveraging BCG’s network, we contribute to solving societal issues through collaboration with industry, government, and academia.

Recent Reports

Our BHI Japan team’s latest books explore emerging opportunities for business leaders to navigate today’s complex environment.

BCG Henderson Institute | November 27, 2023

Toward A Flourishing Aging Society

Key takeaways from the BCG Henderson Institute’s 2023 Meeting of Minds, which dissected the challenges of demographic aging from a multi-disciplinary perspective and examined emerging solutions for individuals, societies, and businesses.

BHI Japan | November 17, 2023

The Characteristics and Strengths of Japanese Companies and the Necessary Conditions for Future Success — BCG Future Winning Model Series, Part Two

How to evolve the unique characteristics of Japanese companies into strengths and address the requirements for future success.

BHI Japan | September 29, 2023

Advancing Innovation in Japan’s Healthcare System

Ensuring the well-being of its citizens and providing timely access to vital innovative drugs is crucial for Japan's future.

BHI Japan | July 31, 2023

The Current Competitiveness of Japanese Companies and Necessary Conditions for Success — BCG Future Winning Model Series, Part One

Japanese companies have lagged in their competitiveness, but five factors can help them succeed in the global market.

BHI Japan | March 27, 2023

Well-Being Management Based on Self-Actualization

There is a growing focus on well-being, with a pandemic-induced shift in values, evolving work styles, and the rising influence of Generation Z. This article explores the management model for enhancing employee well-being, based on our survey findings and research.

BHI Japan | February 1, 2023

Intelligent Robots – Potential Utilization in Japanese Companies

As Japan faces the challenges of an aging population, the deployment of “Intelligent Robots”—a fusion of AI and robotics— is expected to be a key to boosting productivity. In this article, we identify the areas within intelligent robots that Japan should focus on, discuss the nature of the ecosystem around intelligent robots, and explain specific […]

BHI Japan | November 21, 2022

Metaverse Potential – Impact on the Growth of Japanese Companies and the Societal Challenges

Expectations for the metaverse have rapidly increased, due to advancements in communication technology, the reduction in VR device costs, and the widespread adoption of remote communication. This article explains how the metaverse will change society, and how companies can take advantage of this opportunity.

Sam Karita

Sam Karita

Global Leader, BHI Japan