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Bob Goodson

President at NetBase Quid


  • MPhil, Medieval English Literature 1100-1500, University of Oxford
  • BA (Hons), English Literature & Philosophy, University of East Anglia

San Francisco, California, United States

Bob Goodson

President at NetBase Quid

Bob is the President at NetBase Quid, a leading global data analytics company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, with teams in New York, Boston, London and Taipei.
Previously, he was the founder and CEO of Quid, an award-winning AI company (which merged with NetBase in January 2020) and before that, Yelp’s first employee as product designer.
Bob finds the fit between emerging technologies and their potential users. He gets his kicks working with brilliant engineers and salespeople to build and deliver things that have not been possible before.
He is passionate about the ethical and societal implications of new technologies and recently served a two-year term on the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council for AI & Robotics.

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Harvard Business Review | June 15, 2021

The Power of Anomaly

Identifying the next big thing is often treated as an exercise in analyzing trends. But that’s misleading. By the time a trend is established and named, any opportunities it presents have probably been captured by competitors. In a new Harvard Business Review article we explain how to spot, understand and exploit “poignant anomalies” that have the potential to become a business opportunity.