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David Zuluaga Martínez

Ambassador, Tech & Biz Lab



  • Harvard College
  • Princeton University

BHI Affiliation
New York

David Zuluaga Martínez

Ambassador, Tech & Biz Lab

David is an Ambassador with the Tech & Biz Lab based in BCG’s Brooklyn office. His research is focused on AI adoption and regulation.

Prior to BCG David was completing his PhD. at Princeton University. Outside of work, he likes to play the piano and host a philosophy podcast in Spanish and is interested in travel.

Recent Work

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Sharing data with competitors might sound scary to executives, but only collaboration can solve some of industry’s biggest problems.

Fortune | April 5, 2024

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When it comes to what’s next in AI, the future is already here—it is the strategic and flexible integration of a wide range of AI technologies through a One-AI approach.

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Big Tech won't always have the edge in the generative AI race.

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GPT Was Just the Beginning. Here Come Autonomous Agents.

Today’s large language models are the just start of the GenAI revolution—companies need to prepare for what’s coming next: autonomous agents that work independently to achieve an assigned goal.

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Why Collaboration With Generative AI is so Tricky—And How to Make it Work

How should companies organize themselves to extract the most value from the partnership of humans and AI?