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Namrata Rajagopal

Ambassador, Tech & Biz Lab



  • University of Mumbai
  • Indian School of Business (ISB)

BHI Affiliation

Namrata Rajagopal

Ambassador, Tech & Biz Lab

Namrata is an Ambassador with the Tech & Biz Lab based in BCG’s Mumbai office. Her research is focused on the impact of AI on global corporations.

Prior to BCG Namrata was an Analyst at KPMG. Outside of work, she likes to play sitar and is interested in social impact.

Recent Work

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Fortune | July 5, 2024

Is AI About Automation, or Augmentation? Understanding the Difference Can Guide Your AI Investments

Business leaders would do well to reacquaint themselves with the fact that the economic value of technology is greatest when it enables full workflow automation.

Fortune | April 5, 2024

The Next Evolution of AI is Already Here—And Hiding in Plain Sight

When it comes to what’s next in AI, the future is already here—it is the strategic and flexible integration of a wide range of AI technologies through a One-AI approach.