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Our BHI Alumni Fellows have spent years deeply researching their fellowship topics and developing cutting-edge perspectives that enable BCG to prepare its clients to thrive in the future.

Marcos Aguiar

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Systemic Trust

Allison Bailey

Alum Fellow (2012-2015), People and Organization

Christine Barton Egan

Alum Fellow (2015-2017), Future of Consumer Insight

Vikram Bhalla

Alum Fellow (2012-2015), Family Businesses

Arindam Bhattacharya

Alum Fellow (2015-2018), New Globalization

Eric Boudier

Alum Fellow (2014-2016), Business Model Innovation

Vladislav Boutenko

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Future of Cities

Christophe Brognaux

Alum Fellow (2015-2017), Energy Transition

Luc de Brabandere

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Strategy and Senior Advisor at BCG

Andrew Dyer

Alum Fellow (2018-2020), Learning in the digital Age

Philip Evans

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Digital Strategy

Philipp Gerbert

Alum Fellow (2015-2018), AI & Strategy

Jens Grueger

Fellow, Global Health Equity

Knut Haanæs

Alum Fellow (2015-2018), Ambidexterity

Gerry Hansell

Alum Fellow (2010-2013), Value Patterns

Johann D. Harnoss

Alum Fellow (2021-2023), Innovation without Borders

Joël Hazan

Alum Fellow (2018-2020), Future of Mobility

Philip Hirschhorn

Alum Fellow (2020-2023), Future of Energy

Jean-Manuel Izaret

Alum Fellow (2016 - 2019), Pricing Model Innovation

Nikolaus Lang

Alum Fellow (2016-2017), Collaboration in a Digital Age

Karen Lellouche Tordjman

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Bionic Customer Interactions

Yves Morieux

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Relational Productivity

Gabrielle Novacek

Alum Fellow (2020-2023), Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Ulrich Pidun

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Business Ecosystems

John Pineda

Fellow, Green Premium Pricing

Urs Rahne

Fellow, Winning in the Protocol Economy

Michael Ringel

Fellow, Growth Through Multiplex Innovation

John Rose

Alum Fellow (2014-2016), Trust

Harald Rubner

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Corporate Portfolio Management

Massimo Russo

Alum Fellow (2018-2020), Data Economy

George Stalk

Alum Fellow (2008-2011), Corporate Strategy

Rainer Strack

Senior Partner Emeritus & Senior Advisor, BCG

Peter Tollman

Alum Fellow (2015-2017), Smart Simplicity

Roselinde Torres

Alum Fellow (2009-2012), Leadership

Nithya Vaduganathan

Alum Fellow (2019-2022), Future of Work

Judith Wallenstein

Alum Fellow (2015-2018), Future of Work